With so many customization options available in Counter Strike: Global Offensive players can modify almost any aspect of their looks. Gun skins, glove skins and even agent models are all up for player customization.

With so many options to choose from, many CS:GO players create their own weapon skins loadout and are willing to spend a lot of money to achieve their desired look. If you like all things yellow, than this guide is for you. Here are the best yellow skins in CS:GO that you can use to create a colored loadout.

Best Yellow Skins

To create the best yellow loadout we have selected some of the coolest skins that you can find in every slot that either are yellow, or simply have visible yellow graphical elements. This list will include some expensive skins, but the best yellow skins in CS:GO can sometimes cost a fortune.

Talon Knife | Tiger Tooth

Every proper CS:GO loadout requires a knife skin, and thankfully CS:GO has a large number of great looking knife finishes in color yellow. For this loadout we have selected the Tiger Tooth skin, as it’s possibly the most flashy choice of yellow skin you can get in this slot. The deadly look of a Talon Knife is further enhanced here with a tiger pattern all over the blade. Tiger Tooth is the best choice of a yellow CSGO skin in the knife spot that combines both the cool and dangerous look.

  • Flavor Text: Like the tiger it is rare… like the tiger it is deadly…
  • Lowest Steam price: $530.62
  • Drops From Case: Prisma & Prisma 2 case
  • First Added: 13 March 2019

Specialist Gloves | Field Agent

A full yellow loadout must also contain relevant gloves skin, and thankfully the Field Agent variant of the Specialist Gloves fits here perfectly. The gloves themselves are a dark navy color, with yellow accents on the fingers. Still, from the player-perspective you’ll be mostly seeing the yellow parts, which makes these Specialist Gloves a great addition to any CS:GO yellow loadout.

  • Flavor Text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $129.64
  • Drops From Case: Operation Broken Fang, Recoil and Snakebite case
  • First Added: 3 December 2020

USP-S | Torque

The choice here was rather easy, as the USP-S doesn’t have too many yellow skins in its arsenal. Still, Torque is one of the yellow CSGO skins which can easily make up for its absence. The stylish design of USP-S looks great in-game, with small yellow accents on the gun’s chamber. Torque is one of the best yellow CSGO skins that any fan of this color should have in their inventory.

  • Flavor Text: They’re manipulating you Kotaro. And if you can’t see that, you’re in more trouble than you know… – Felix Riley, Commanding Officer
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.61
  • Drops From Case: Falchion case
  • First Added: 26 May 2015

Glock-18 | Bullet Queen

For the Terrorist starting gun, we have selected a yellow skin with one of the coolest graphics available in the game. The skin is mostly yellow, with a black accent on the tip of it’s bullet chamber. However, the real selling point of this skin is the graphic on the gun’s handle, featuring the titular bullet queen. This high-quality artwork makes Bullet Queen one of the best yellow CSGO skins you can get for the Glock-18.

  • Flavor Text: “I’ll stop shooting when you start shushing”
  • Lowest Steam price: $4.20
  • Drops From Case: Prisma 2 case
  • First Added: 31 March 2020

Five-SeveN | Monkey Business

Still in the handguns category comes one skin that you absolutely can’t miss in your yellow inventory. Definitely not for the fan of serious skins, the Five-SeveN Monkey Business skin is literally just the usual black Five-SeveN with a giant banana painted on the side of the gun. Sounds weird? Probably, but a banana-themed skin is a great choice for any yellow themed inventory.

  • Flavor Text: Sometimes it’s ok to play with your food
  • Lowest Steam price: $1.70
  • Drops From Case: Chroma 2 case
  • First Added: 15 Aprli 2015

Desert Eagle | Blaze

One of the more popular skins for this hand cannon, Blaze is a perfect choice for anyone looking for the best yellow skins in CS:GO. Most of the gun is painted metallic black, aside from the tip of the gun chamber, which has beautiful flames custom painted all over it. The intense yellow that is part of the flame definitely classifies Blaze as one of the best yellow skins in the game.

  • Flavor Text: None
  • Lowest Steam price: $430.62
  • Available In Collection: Dust collection
  • First Added: 14 August 2013

FAMAS | Neural Net

For FAMAS we have selected a cheap classic among yellow skins, Neural Net. This family basic yellow skin actually contains details, which are visible on a closer inspection. The yellow paint on the gun is covered by various geometrical shapes. Neural Net is a great and cheap addition to anyone building a yellow inventory for CS:GO.

  • Flavor Text: I know. But it was the right thing to do… – A Family Affair Part 2
  • Lowest Steam price: $0.62
  • Drops From Case: Falchion case
  • First Added: 26 May 2015

M4A4 | Buzz kill

For this classic CT gun we have selected the Buzz Kill skin for a yellow CT inventory. Not a very flashy choice, Buzz Kill is a perfect choice for the fans of traditional CS:GO look who are looking to create a yellow loadout of their own. A simple and stylish black and yellow skin, Buzz Kill has a number of details that add some character to this skin and make it look great in-game.

  • Flavor Text: There’s one at every party
  • Lowest Steam price: $5.90
  • Drops From Case: Glove case
  • First Added: 28 November 2016

AK-47 | Fuel Injector

For all fans of motor sports there is a great AK-47 skin, which can also find a place in a yellow CS:GO loadout. The Fuel Injector skin for AK-47 combines a sleek, silver-metallic look with yellow elements, straight out of a high-end racing car. If you’re a fan of F1 who also happens to be looking for best skins for their yellow loadout, Fuel Injector is a must-have for you.

  • Flavor Text: Live your life a quarter mag at a time
  • Lowest Steam price: $57.41
  • Drops From Case: Operation Phoenix case
  • First Added: 17 February 2017

MP7 | Nemesis

MP7 has a rather large selection of yellow skins, so picking one that looks the best isn’t easy. Still, we’ve chosen Nemesis for an MP7 skin for this yellow loadout, as it’s difficult to just walk past this awesome design. We’re not exactly sure what the metallic monster on this gun really is, but it definitely adds a deadly look to this yellow skin.

  • Flavor Text: It’s coming for you
  • Lowest Steam price: $3.93
  • Drops From Case: Falchion case
  • First Added: 26 May 2015

CZ75-Auto | Yellow Jacket

CA-75 Auto Yellow Jacket is a nice and simple skin, that is at the same time a great addition to any yellow loadout in CS:GO. A straight black base, covered with yellow abstract shapes with round, soft edges, Yellow Jacket is not as flashy as other skins on the list, but it still fits very well with every Yellow Loadout.

  • Flavor Text: Float like a butterfly, sting like a relentless hateful insect
  • Lowest Steam price: $2.89
  • Drops From Case: Falchion case
  • First Added: 26 May 2015

AWP | Dragon Lore

Closing off this list is perhaps the most popular weapon skin in CS:GO history, the Dragon Lore. It’s hard to write anything new about this skin since it feels like everything about it has been already said. One of the rarest and most expensive items in the game, this weapon skin would be an absolute cherry on top of every yellow loadout. The yellowish hues, combined with the legendary flame-breathing dragon graphic easily qualify this weapon as yellow skin.

  • Flavor Text: 200 keys could never unlock its secrets
  • Lowest Steam price: $2734.79
  • Available In Collection: Cobblestone collection
  • First Added: 1 July 2014

To Sum Up

Here are all of our best suggestions for a cool-looking yellow loadout. If you’re looking for more recommendations for CS:GO skins, visit our blog where you can learn more interesting information about your favorite games. Also, if you want to sell CSGO (CS2) skins, be sure to check out Skinomat, where you can quickly cash out your skins for the best value!

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