Trading CS GO skins can be a very serious business, particularly when you’re trading the most expensive CSGO skins, such as AWP Dragon Lore or M4A4 Howl. Trades like these often involve transactions for incredibly large amounts of money, and can be a big deal among CSGO traders.

CSGO knife skins are no different, with some of them worth thousands of dollars for their rarest versions. The only melee weapon available in CSGO, knives have always been a symbol of status in the game, ever since skins were introduced in the Arms Deal patch. Some knife skins are worth a small fortune, even for the Battle-Scarred of Well-Worn versions.

Because of this, Counter Strike knife trading can be a big deal, with players trading item worth thousands of dollars. This in turn attracts many scammers, and a single mistake can easily cost you a fortune. That is why here are Skinomat we have prepared a guide on how to trade knive in Counter Strike: Global Offensive and always get the best deals possible!

Why Do You Need A CSGO Trading Guide?

If you have to ask this question, let’s face it, you really might need this guide. When trading valuable skins for CSGO weapons there are many mistakes, which you can make, that will cost you thousands of dollars. Factory new skins for CS GO knives often cost thousands of dollars, and by knowing how to sell CSGO skins in the most efficient manner you can easily save hundreds on unnecessary fees and get the best trade offers.

Also, since a single knife skin can cost so much, there are scammers looking to steal your expensive items with a shady trade offer. If you’re looking to trade CSGO knife skins, you must also learn about all the most popular scamming techniques, which can be used against you. This will make you much safer, and allow you to get the most money possible from your trade offers.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should first learn about CSGO knife skins trading before trying to trade any valuable items from your inventory. Here are some of the best precautions you can take to get as much value as possible from the knives in your equipment.

  1. Use The Best Trading Websites

When players want to exchange or sell items from their CSGO equipment they most often go to the Steam community market to make their trades. This should come as no surprise, since the easy integrated interface allows you to sell items for their market price from the Steam browser, without having to even close the client. You can quickly list any item from your Steam account on the community market, and any Steam player can easily access your item and purchase it.

While this might sound nice in theory, there are many issues with the Steam community market, that make it inferior to other websites. For one, Valve takes a cut on every transaction, and even though the fee is as low as 5%, when the market price for the item you’re trading is in the thousands, this can be a lot of money.

The fee isn’t your only issue. When you sell CSGO skins on the Steam community market, you can only receive your payout in the form of Steam wallet funds. These funds can only be used to purchase things from the store and the community market, and while it’s possible to cash out your Steam wallet, it’s difficult to do with large amounts of money.

  1. Always Check The Market Value Of Your Items

Before accepting a trade offer from other players, always remember to check the market value of the item you’re trying to trade. Rare knife skins can often fluctuate in prices, and many users who are looking to start investing serious money in CSGO knife skins will be on a lookout for any potential drops in value to swoop in on the best deals that they can get. If you’re suddenly getting a lot of offers for your items, chances are some of them have fallen in price and traders who are following the market closely are trying to get the cheapest knife skins they can get. In order to stay one step ahead of them, be sure to always check the market price of any item before accepting a trade offer.

  1. Watch Out For Scams

CSGO knife skins can be worth insane amounts of money, and because of this there are many scammers looking to steal the skins from other users. When selling or trading CSGO knives, you must take extra precautions to watch out for scammers looking to part you with your expensive items. Sadly, the legal situation on CS:GO scams can be very shady, and there often isn’t a whole lot that Steam can do when you accept a trade offer from a scammer. This makes CSGO scams a profitable endeavor with little risk, which is why you must be particularly careful when trading CSGO knife skins of a high rarity. Be sure to always first do a legit-check on the play you’re trading with and check out CSGO trading communities to see if anyone can confirm this player’s legitimacy.

In Conclusion

Here are the best tips you can get for trading CSGO knife skins. When trading CSGO knives, you’re dealing with huge amounts of money, so knowing how to get the best deals is essential. If you enjoyed this guide, be sure to check out the rest of our blog, where we regularly post more tips, tricks and guides for CSGO!

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