CS:GO has many advanced features, that many players aren’t aware of, even after playing the game for years. A lot of them, such as radar or viewmodel settings, are enabled via CSGO console commands. Sadly, you will need to enter these commands every time you’d start CSGO, which can be a bit annoying.

Thankfuly, there is a way to get these console commands to execute as soon as you start CS:GO, without the need to type them in the game console again. Here’s all you need to know about CS:GO autoexec files and how to use them.

What Is An Autoexec File?

Besides the normal game settings, which you can find in the game menu, CS:GO also has a number of hidden options, which can be enabled via the console commands. With this method you can modify almost any aspect of the game’s UI, as well as various connection settings and mouse sensitivity. With the console commands you can modify almost any aspect of the game to fit your liking. Many pros use their own loadouts, where they modify every detail to fit their liking and get the best performance available.

To modify any single aspect of the game, you have to use one console command. Most personalized settings include things such as radar settings, crosshair settings, FPS cap, connection, where your weapon is placed on the screen and many, many other elements that you can change. That is why anyone, who wants to use custom settings for their game, uses an autoexec file.

In short, an autoexec file is a personal config file which you can modify to your liking, and which will execute and automatically load all of your own settings as soon as you start the game. The autoexec file is kept in your CS:GO folder in a cfg file extension and you can modify it freely with all of the important personal settings for your ideal gameplat experience. With your own autoexec file, you will never have to bother with typing in the console commands ever again.

Can I Get Banned For Using An Autoexec File?

No, using an autoexec config file, as well as any of the in-game settings enabled via the developer console are perfectly safe to use and won’t get you VAC banned. In order to get banned in CS:GO, you would have to modify the game files to gain an unfair advantage over other players. When you create an autoexec file, all you do, is create a text document in the same folder as your game. As soon as you start the game, the only thing that changes is that the custom autoexec file will simply execute all of the console commands that you would type in yourself anyway. Besides improved gamepla experience, you don’t really get any unfair advantage out of using an autoexec file.

How To Create An Autoexec File?

Creating your own autoexec config file is as easy as creating a new text document and typing the commands in. Anyone, who wants their own personal settings can try this method. You simply have to follow these easy steps:

  1. Open up your Steam client
  2. Go to your Steam library
  3. Find Counter Strike: Global Offensive, right click on the game and select ‘manage’ and then ‘browse local files’
  4. This should open the Counter Strike: Global Offensive folder on your PC
  5. In the file explorer find the cfg folder in your csgo directory
  6. Copy and paste the current .cfg file, remember to rename it to autoexec
  7. Open your new autoexec config file and type in all of the console commands you want enabled on the game start-up
  8. Finish the autoexec config file with the command ‘host_writeconfig’

The last line is important, as some players have reported a bug in their CS:GO, that prevented their autoexec config files from working properly and instead of loading up the personal settings, their commands where immidiately overwriten. Also, when you’re done make sure that the autoexec config file actually has the cfg extension.

Now that you have created your personal autoexec file created and saved, you are almost ready to go. In the default config, you would still need to type in an additional console command to load your CFG file. Of course this still cuts the time needed to type in all the custom commands significantly, but this is not why you made all these modifications in the config folder. The point of CSGO autoexec files is to get the to run as soon as you launch CSGO.

Thankfully, this can also easily be modified in the launch options of your game’s files. To get your autoexec CSGO file to automatically load on the start-up, all you have to do is:

  1. Open your Steam library and find Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  2. Right click on your game and select ‘Properties’
  3. Click ‘Set launch options’
  4. In the pop-up window type in ‘+exec autoexec.cfg’ and click OK

And that’s it, with your autoexec file in the game’s folder and modified launch options, you should now have all your favorite commands enabled as soon as you start the game.

To Sum Up

It’s very important to know about autoexec CSGO files if you want additional customization options. This simple method can save you a lot of time and make it easier to experiment with different settings. Check out the rest of our blog for the best autoexec setups and most important console commands to include in yours.

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