Best Glock-18 Skins

Glock-18 is one of the most popular weapons in CS2. This should come as no surprise, considering that it’s the default Terrorist weapon. Every Terrorist player starts the game with Glock-18 already in their inventory, which makes CS2 Glock skins one of the most sought-after items in the game. The gun is ... Read More

How to fix VAC was unable to verify your game session

The Valve Anti Cheat system, also known commonly as VAC is one of the things that Counter Strike: Global Offensive players fear the most. Although you have nothing to worry about if you’re not trying to hack, if you get caught modifying the game files to gain unfair advantage in online mode, ... Read More

AWP Dragon Lore – Why Is It So Expensive?

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular online games in the world, with millions of players competing in online matches worldwide at any given moment. The game has a huge community, a thriving eSports scene and a dedicated fanbase. One of the most important features of the game is ... Read More

Cheapest Glock-18 Skins

The Glock-18 is one of the most popular guns in the game, since its the default pistol weapon for the Terrorist team. While less accurate than the CT-side USP-S, Glock-18 provides more firepower up-close, and can also be used in a burst-fire mode, in order to really deliver some pain to your ... Read More

Everything You Need to Know About CS2 Howl M4A4

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Best USP-S Skins

When it comes to Counter Strike pistols, the USP-S is a favorite among many players due to its attributes like its silenced design, high accuracy, and less recoil compared to other CS2 pistols. USP-S is a highly versatile weapon, useful for fighting up close, as well as taking sniped shots from a ... Read More

Best M4A4 Skins

Counter Strike is one of the most popular online shooters, and the game has only gained some additional popularity with its upgrade to CS2. Although the game appears in a new version, the weapon skins market hasn’t changed, and it still features a large number of awesome weapon skins. The M4A4, with ... Read More

Top 10 Best Skeleton Knives in CS2

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Top 10 Most Expensive CS2 Skins

CS2 (CS:GO) is one of the most popular tactical first-person shooter games in history. Since 2012, it has been continuously taking not only the Steam community, but also the eSports world by storm. Fans have been able to enjoy it for more than a decade now. The Valve Corporation is dedicated to ... Read More

Top 10 AK-47 Skins In CS:GO 2023

The AK-47 is one of the most popular assault rifles in CSGO, and probably the most popular gun in the game in general. Its spray pattern is difficult to control, but once you master it, the AK-47 becomes a great weapon, whether you fire controlled bursts up close, or single shots at ... Read More