Dota 2 is one of the most popular MOBA games on the marketplace, and one of the most popular online games in general. Featuring the classic gameplay known from the world-famous Warcraft III Frozen Throne map, two teams of five players compete on a map, where they have to destroy the enemy ancient.

The game matches are often very intense, with each team giving it all to win the match. Every individual hero can decide the course of the game. All Dota 2 heroes also have a wide selection of different skins they can equip, so that every player can create their own unique aesthetic. Gamers can even combine different pieces of gear for each hero, in order to create Dota 2 skins of their own!

Like many other Steam games, Dota 2 has an entire economy of its own, where players can buy and sell Dota 2 items and skins for real money. Some of the most expensive Dota 2 items in the game can cost over $1000.

However, just as there are some very expensive Dota 2 skins, so are there cheaper skins in the game, some of them costing less than $0.10. So, what are the cheapest Dota 2 items available in the game?

Cheapest Dota 2 Items

Although many great-looking Dota 2 items can be expensive, you don’t have to break the bank to get a cool look for your favorite heroes. You can even get cheap skins with a high Dota 2 item rarity! Here are the cheapest Dota 2 items currently available in the game:

Fin of The First Spear

This awesome-looking Slardar item was added in the Immortal Treasure II 2020, which was obtainable as a part of the Dota 2 International 10 in 2020. This means that at one point players were able to obtain Fin of The First Spear as one of the free Dota 2 items. Slardar has a large selection of flashy items, and this awesome helmet will be a great addition to any loadout that’s looking for a more flashy design. This item also changes the animation for Slardar’s ultimate, making it a great finishing touch for any skin that’s meant to show off. Best part? Many players who sell Dota 2 items are willing to let this item go for around $0.10.

Sagas of the Cymurrin Sage

Supporting units play an important role in Dota 2, and the Oracle is actually one of the best support heroes currently available in the game. Although difficult to master, the Oracle works great with any high-damage attack carry, and is often played in the higher Dota 2 ranks. Sagas of the Cymurrin Sage is an immortal-rarity helmet for the Oracle, which also changes the animation of Oracle’s purifying flames. If you’re looking for a head-slot item for this classic support herp, it’s one of the cheapest Dota 2 items, costing you only around $0.09.

Vise of Creation

The Elder Titan is one of the most popular tank heroes, and a classic pick for the off-lane role, even in the higher ranks. His ultimate is difficult to land, but once cast can completely change the course of a game. One of the heroes who is mostly known for his powerful team fight ultimate, a well-landed ultimate ability can let the chaos reign on the battlefield, and give your team a chance to quickly take out their opponents. If you want a great immortal item, that upgrades the look of the Elder Titan ultimate, you can buy the Vise of Creation for as low as $0.08

Aktok’s Armor

The Venomancer items include many different gold-looking, Mayan-themed armor. The Venomancer is a reflection of the Aktok, an ancient god in the Dota universe, who transformed the Venomancer’s body into its current form. With the Aktok’s Armor equipped, your Venomancer will look like an ancient Mayan god, in the form of a feathered snake. You can purchase this item for around $0.07.

Latticean Hierarchy

The last item on our list of the cheapest Dota 2 items in the game, is a classic choice for the Nyx Assassin, a headpiece called the Latticean Hierarchy. Like many other Nyx items, this one is also insect-themed, adding a pulsing, blueish hue to your Nyx Assassin. While such a bright item might sound counterproductive for an Assassin, it’s still one of the best and cheapest Dota 2 items, and will only cost you around $0.06

Summing Up

Here are some of the best and cheapest Dota 2 items currently available in the game. Remember that if you ever need money to expand your Dota 2 inventory, be sure to visit Skinomat, where you can sell CSGO skins for real money and cash out your items.

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