Dota 2 is one of the Steam games, that future extensive customization with a wide selection of cosmetic skins. Gamers can outfit their heroes with all different kinds of equipment, such as weapons, armor, mounts and many, many more.

Some of the cosmetic items can completely change how an individual hero looks, often adding some additional visual effects to their abilities. Most of the time the more an item changes a general style of each hero, the more expensive will it be. Some of the higher Dota 2 item rarity skins can cost thousands of dollars.

Players often sell Dota 2 items for exuberant prices, and there are always buyers out there looking to expand their inventories, with these awesome items. Here are some of the most expensive items in Dota 2 today!

1. Dragonclaw Hook

The Dragonclaw Hook is an infamous and extremely rare Pudge hook making the top list of the most expensive Dota 2 skins. This Dota 2 item stands out for its unique appeal and carries an impressive game price tag due to its rarity. Pudge is one of the most popular heroes in the game in practically all the skill brackets, making high-quality Pudge Dota 2 items often very expensive. This is also the case with the Dragonclaw Hook, one of the most popular Pudge Dota 2 items in the game. Many players are often interested in this immortal item, since it adds an awesome effect to Pudge’s standard hook, replacing the chain with a Dragon’s spine. In addition, this item is also available in an autographed version, signed by possibly the most popular Pudge player in the world, Dendi. Right now, the Dragonclaw Hook is available for around $160.

2. Tsukumo The Moon Cloud

One of the most expensive Dota 2 skins is the rare Mirana mount, Tsukumo The Moon Cloud. It’s one of the most expensive cosmetic items in Dota 2, and that’s mainly caused by how rare it was to begin with. Tsukumo was available with the purchase of a real-life Mirana sculpture, created by Artgerm and Vermilion Wlad. The mount looks like a large blue bunny but comes in two styles. The second looks much more fierce, like a blue dragon-cat. It’s one of the most expensive Dota 2 items, costing well over $2300.

3. Unusual Golden Baby Roshan

Baby Roshan, particularly the Golden Baby Roshan, is one of the rare skins that are extremely expensive in Dota 2. Released as a promotional item for one of the very first Halloween events in the game, the Gold Baby Roshan remains to this day one of the most expensive couriers, and possibly the most expensive item available from the entire event. Players who participated in the original Diretide celebration could receive rare Baby Roshan couriers. These were much more expensive than other couriers, and came in variety of different styles, such as Jade Baby Roshan or Desert Sands Baby Roshan. Still, the unusual golden variant remains the most expensive item in this family, costing around $7914.

4. Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog

This Legacy Ethereal Flames War Dog courier is possibly the most expensive item in Dota 2. Having it in your inventory is a sign that you possess one of the rarest and most expensive Dota 2 skins. The standard Wardog is quite cheap, and is often a popular choice of Juggernaut players, since the little creature is based around that hero’s style. However, during one of the earliest eSports events in Dota 2 history, players had a shot at obtaining a Legacy Etheral Flames Wardog, which now remains the most expensive courier in Dota 2. It’s so rare that there aren’t any regular offers for this item, however some collectors claim that they are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to add this courier to their inventory.

5. Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor

In the game, the Golden Ornithomancer Mantle of the Benefactor is another expensive item, which changes the hero’s appearance significantly. Its rarity has driven up its price in the Dota 2 market. This super rare Rubick cape replaces his standard gear with a cape of golden feathers. It’s easily the most visually impressive Rubick item in the game, and is a must-have if you’re a Rubick main looking to up your own game. You can get yours for around $780.

6. Shattered Greatsword

A genuine Sven skin like the Shattered Greatsword is an example of extremely rare Dota 2 items. It’s one of the best Sven skins in the game, and was only available once as a part of a treasure, which is no longer available. This mythical Sven skin adds a laser-glowing particle effect, together with a humming sound, emitted by the blade itself. If you’re a Sven player, this item is a must have. Most players who trade Dota 2 items are willing to part with it for around $600.

7. Unusual Captain Bamboo

The Unusual Captain Bamboo courier is an extremely rare and expensive item and is one of the best choices if you like cute aesthetics for your Dota 2 loadout. This courier is a baby panda, strapped together with some pilot gear and bamboo wings. When the courier gets upgraded to flying, his wings start carrying him in the air, creating a hilarious and cute effect. You can add this courier to your Dota 2 inventory for around $150.

8. Alpine Stalker’s Set

The Alpine Stalker’s set is a unique item set, possibly the most controversial group of items in the game. This set is an extremely expensive piece due to its discontinued sale from the Dota 2 main store. It was released early on in the game development, before Valve decided to add a clear cosmetic items policy. The Alpine Stalker’s set is literally a lederhosen, together with other Alpine inspired items for Ursa. While it looked cute, the addition of this item set to the game has made the community quite upset, and many players questioned why would this et be a good fit for Ursa. The item was permanently removed from the store, and can now only be purchased from other players for over $1000.

9. Axe of Phractos

The Axe’s Axe of Phractos skin stands as a highly prized and expensive item in Dota 2. Like Tsukumo mentioned on this list above, the Axe of Phractos was available with a purchase of a real-life Axe statue, created by the same artists. Any player who purchased the statue when it was available received his own copy of Axe of Phractos, directly to their Dota 2 inventory. This weapon skin is no longer available for purchasing, and must be traded for with other players, making it one of the most expensive items in Dota 2 and the rarest Axe skin in the game. Your own Axe of Phractos will cost you around $790.

10. The Monarch Bow

Our last item on this list is another promotional Dota 2 item, available with the purchase of the Butterfly Sword real-life replica from the WETA workshop. Players who purchased the sword replica, received a similarly-themed bow for the Drow Ranger in Dota 2, called The Monarch Bow. Like the Butterfly Sword, The Monarch Bow features butterfly themes in its design. It accentuates the elven aspect of Drows persona, and the bow can be yours for around $250.

In Conclusion

In short, folks, the world of Dota 2 isn’t just about blazing through battles—it’s also a treasure hunt, with priceless gems like the rare Baby Roshans and prized Legacy Ethereal Flames lurking in the shadows. If you ever need some extra cash to purchase any of these expensive items, remember, that you can always sell your Dota 2 items and cash out instantly with Skinomat!

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