Like many other Steam games, Dota 2 features a wide selection of different cosmetic items that players can select to modify their look and give their favorite hero a personalized makeover. Players can buy and sell Dota 2 items that allow them to modify even the tiniest details of their character’s look. Gamers who want to change up their looks can even modify each individual detail of their hero, creating Dota 2 skins of their own.

However, outside of hero items, the game also allows gamers to modify other elements of their inventory. Wards, loading screens, and even announcers can be changed by players by purchasing the appropriate cosmetic items and equipping them from their inventory.

Still, out of all the rare items available in the game, nothing can top the different couriers players can buy for their account. And while couriers are among some of the most expensive Dota 2 items, unusual couriers are even rarer and often sell for over $1000. So, what are the best unusual couriers in Dota 2?

What Is An Unusual Courier?

Couriers in Dota 2 are usually small animals, machines, or critters, that deliver your hard-earned items to you in a match. While previously players had to purchase a courier at the start of the game, upgrade it, and share a single courier per team, now every player has a courier of their own at the start of each game, making unusual couriers even more popular.

An unusual courier looks like its vanilla counterpart, except it also features some additional particle effects. Many couriers also come in different unusual versions, with different colored particles. Rare courier versions will often include gold or bloody particle effects that will be more visible in the game. With an unusual courier by your side, everyone in-game will be able to see your dedication to awesome looks.

What Are The Best Unusual Couriers?

As you can see, unusual couriers are an important part of the Dota 2 economy. Many couriers come in various different unusual variants as well, with different particle effects. Here are just some of the best unusual couriers you can get your hands on today!

Lockjaw the Boxhound

One of the rare couriers great for anyone looking to show off their wealth, Lockjaw the Boxhound is a small gremlin, that’s literally just a chest of gold with legs and a single, evil-looking eye. Released as a part of the Treasure of Champions celebrating International 2012 this courier looks even better in its unusual version. Lockjaw already spills gold particles when moving around, and any additional particle effects added will only make it look that much more awesome in-game. If you want to add this unusual courier to your inventory, get ready to spend around $70.

Waldi the Faithful

If creepy isn’t your thing and you prefer something more cute, Dota 2 also has you covered. For the fans of cuteness overload Waldi the Faithful will be a great addition. An instant hit as soon as the item was released, any player would love a cute dachshund companion to carry the items for him. Waldi’s appearance and tiny costume only make him look that much cuter, and if you want this lovely little guy in an unusual version, it can be obtained for around $22.


Over the years Dota 2 has added a number of unusual couriers referencing some of the individual heroes. Faceless Void, The Invoker, and many others have received their own couriers, and now you can get one for Pudge as well. Butch is an absolute must-have for any Pudge player. This cute undead pup monster can be yours in the unusual version for around $56.

Hexgill the Lane Shark

While you’re probably already aware of the trend of making cute animals into Dota 2 couriers, Hexgill is honestly pushing the boundary a bit far. While Dota 2 is a fantasy game with many strange creatures, it’s difficult not to look and stare at this courier in-game. Hexgill the Lane Shark is quite literally a small shark on wheels, that slowly rolls up to your hero to hand over the items. The only way to make it look more ridiculous is when it starts flying. If a flying shark rolls up to you and you’re not scared, then you can get an unusual version of Hexgill the Lane Shark for about $18.


For the fans of simpler designs comes the Tinkbot. This courier, as you might have already guessed, is a reference to Tinker, and is one of the many robots in this hero’s arsenal. Although Tinkbot might lack the overly-designed look of many other couriers in the game, if you’re looking for something simple with a small number of details that can easily be spotted in-game, Tinkbot is a great choice. An unusual version of this courier will cost you around $37 at the moment, but its price changes regularly, so make sure you look into the price trends of this courier before buying.

Alphid of Lecaciida

One of the nature-themed couriers, Alphid of Lecaciida is a strange, green insect from the lore of Dota 2. In the game world, Alphids are insectoids, that live in hives burrowed down the earth. They are known among others for their agility and speed, making them great couriers. Alphid of Lecaciida also comes in different unusual variants, and one of them can be yours for $50.

Enduring Wardog

We’re closing off this list with one of the most controversial items in Dota 2 – the Enduring Wardog. As a matter of fact, one of the rare versions of this courier is actually the most expensive Dota 2 courier in the game. The Legacy Ethereal Flames version of this courier can easily cost a couple of thousands of dollars. and is one of the most sought-after Dota 2 items. Although its rare version is one of the most expensive Dota 2 items in the game, you can get an unusual version of this Juggernaut-themed item for around $47.

In Conclusion

Hare are some of the best unusual couriers you can get in Dota 2 today. If you ever need money for these couriers, head over to Skinomat, where you can always sell Dota 2 items for the best prices available.

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