Counter Strike: Global Offensive has been out for over a decade now, and throughout the game’s life there were many updates released, which at times have completely shaken up the game and introduced many of the features, which are now an integral part of CSGO. Valve regularly adds new updates to the game, that introduce new skins, maps and sometimes entire game modes!

However, few updates in the history of the game have changed as much as the legendary Arms Deal CSGO update. As we’re heading into Counter Strike 2 with the net big update on the horizon, let’s go back in time, and revisit why exactly is the Arms Deal update so important to the game.

What Is The Arms Deal Update?

The Arms Deal update, released on August 14th, 2013, is one of the most important updates in the history of the game. The update has not only changed CS:GO forever, but also Steam and gaming in general. That is because it introduced one of the most important and popular features of CS:GO – skins trading and weapon cases. Although prior to the update players could play and enjoy their favorite online shooter, their weapons could only have their default look, with no customization or patterns available.

This has completely changed, when the update has released a number of features, which are now absolutely integral to the game. Trading skins, weapon cases, and Steam community market integration were all introduced in the Arms Deal update, allowing players to collect and trade weapon skins with each other. In addition, this update allowed players to sell CSGO skins for real money. Thanks to this, smart traders could start making real cash, and the luckiest and most skilled players were able to make a fortune of rare CSGO skins.

What Is The Arms Deal Collection

Since the update has introduced trading to the game, it has obviously included a large number of weapon skins. The patch added a number of collections to the game, related to the classic maps that were already playable, coming up to a total of around 100 skins (depending on how you count different patterns). This patch has also added rare and expensive knife skins for the first time to the game.

Together with the featured skins, the update has added the first weapon case to the game, which players could open with a key, referred to simply as the CS:GO weapon case. The case contained a portion of the skins that were added to the game and could be obtained by opening the case or trading with other players.

The skins included in the CS:GO weapon case were:

AWP Lightning Strike

AK-47 Case Hardened

Desert Eagle Hypnotic

Glock-18 Dragon Tattoo

M4A1-S Dark Water

USP-S Dark Water

SG 553 Ultraviolet

AUG Wings

MP7 Skulls

In Conclusion

The Arms Deal update was one of the most groundbreaking updates ever added to an online game. It has allowed players to enhance their game by personalizing their guns, and form smart gamers to make a huge fortune off the expensive CSGO skins. If you ever want to join them, head over to Skinomat, where you can instantly cash out your inventory and sell CSGO skins for best prices!

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