One of the biggest changes that Dota 2 has introduced, was the switch to different in-game controls. Original Dota used Warcraft 3 keyboard controls, which meant that there were unit-specific hotkeys for every hero in the game. With Dota 2 this was no longer the case, and the switch to Source engine has also introduced more extensive hotkeys options, together with universal controls for every hero.

And while most gamers prefer to use the current QWERty controls, many Dota veterans, including some of the best pros in the game, prefer to stick to the original keyboard layout that they have learned over the years. Are you one of them, or simply want to try some new layout for your game? Either way, here’s all that you need to know about legacy keys Dota 2 options!

What Are Legacy Keys Dota 2?

In short, the legacy hotkeys are simply the original hotkeys from the Warcraft III map Dota ported to Valve’s Dota 2. Although Dota 2 keys might seem more efficient, many gamers who have been playing the original Dota for years now have mastered the classic hotkeys of Warcraft III and their own favorite hero, which can make the transition slightly harder.

Any player that would like to re-create the original Dota experience in Valve’s version can do so with the help of legacy keys. Activating this option in the game settings will automatically switch all of your in-game controls to the original Warcraft III control scheme.

Should I Use Legacy Keys Instead Of Normal Keybinds?

If you’re asking yourself this question, you probably shouldn’t be using legacy keys. The whole point of legacy keys is to make the gameplay as similar to the original Dota as possible. However, while the original Dota 2 control scheme is generally very intuitive and only requires you to master a couple of keys (which are all gathered in one spot on your keyboard), legacy keys are much more difficult to use.

While you use legacy keys, every hero gets his own unique set of keys that you have to master before playing them. That is because the Warcraft III engine didn’t give the option to modify the keys, and instead automatically created a keybind based on the name of the ability. However, this meant that besides the usual keys such as move or attack, players would have to master all the other keys used by every hero if they wanted to play effectively.

Although this might sound very difficult, many players did in fact learn the keybinds of their favorite heroes. Although having every key in a different place can make it difficult to play, many pros have actually mastered the legacy hotkey configuration, and use it effectively to outplay others. If you want to see how the original Dota gamers played the game, try the legacy keys for yourself and see how difficult pressing an abilities combination used to be.

How To Enable Legacy Keys?

Enabling legacy keys in Dota 2 is very simple, and can easily be done in-game. All you have to do, is:

  1. Go to the game settings in the game menu
  2. Find the Hotkeys tab
  3. Select ‘Advanced hotkeys’
  4. Check the option ‘Use legacy keys’

If you’ve followed all of the steps correctly, you should now have the legacy keys enabled in-game. Before jumping into a new match, be sure to first try out your new key binds in a practice match. Remember, legacy keys take a lot of practice to master, so don’t beat yourself up if you struggle. For the most optimal experience, you should probably play with the standard binds, but legacy keys can be a fun thing to try out now and then.

In Concusion

Here’s everything you have to know about legacy keys in Dota 2. If you found this guide interesting, be sure to check out the rest of our site, where we regularly post new Dota 2 tips and guides. Also, if you want to sell Dota 2 items, be sure to visit Skinomat, where you can always get the best prices on all your skins!

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