For a long time CS:GO has been struggling with smurf accounts. This is a type of CSGO account, that more experienced gamers used to play in the lower ranks, which allowed them to easily dominate the enemy team and have easy matches.

Smurfing was generally looked down upon by the community and CSGO smurf accounts have been the subject of many discussions on the game forums. Most players lamented the existence of smurf accounts in CSGO, calling it unfair. To answer their complaints, Valve introduced Prime Status to the game, in order to prevent CSGO smurf accounts from popping up left and right.

Here’s everything you need to know about CSGO prime account and how you can get one for free in 2023.

What Are Prime Accounts?

Prime accounts were introduced to Counter Strike: Global Offensive back in 2016. In short terms, a prime account was a method Valve used to improve CS:GO matchmaking. Before the prime status was introduced, the matchmaking was a bit wild. Although cheaters were part of the problem, the real reason prime status was necessary was the smurf accounts. Before prime, anyone could simply buy CS:GO on another Steam account, create a smurf account in CSGO and immediately jump into action, completely stomping opponents of lower skill.

With the introduction of prime accounts, a procedure like this was no longer possible. Of course, it didn’t completely eliminate bots, cheaters, and smurf accounts, but if you wanted to participate in prime matchmaking, you would have to first hit level 21 in-game. Thanks to this feature, players with prime accounts could enjoy improved matchmaking, and smurfs who wanted a new account were instead banished to the low-level matches.

This changed when CSGO went free-to-play. With this shift, all of the players who had original CSGO on their Steam accounts immediately got upgraded to prime status. After this change, players who wanted a prime account could either play until they reach level 21, or simply purchase it on Steam as a form of micro-transaction for the game.

Sadly, this continued only until 2021, when Valve made some additional changes to the ranked CSGO prime accounts. Eventually, Valve made it so that getting a prime account for free is no longer possible, at least not as easy as in the past. This has cut the number of smurfs in the game significantly, of course, but at the expanse of all free-to-play gamers. Currently, the only way to join prime account holders is to purchase the game on Steam.

How Can You Get Prime Account For Free 2023?

With the change that Valve introduced to CSGO ranked accounts, getting prime status for free is now much more difficult. You can no longer simply play the game, hit level 21 and play with prime account users. Still, if you don’t want to spend the $15 for a prime account, there remain other methods that you can use to get it, without paying real money.

  1. Sell CS:GO Skins

Okay, so this one might not be exactly free, but chances are you’re sitting on some unnecessary skins for CS:GO (or maybe even other games) that you can sell for the funds that you can later spend on a prime account in the Steam store. Remember to use a third-party marketplace, instead of the Steam community market. Selling skins on the Steam community market generally will get you less money for your items, so if you use a website like Skinomat or Skinsmonkey, you should get the most out of your skins and get a CSGO account with prime status very quickly.

  1. CS:GO Gambling Sites With No Deposit

If you’re looking to make some money that you can use to spend on a prime status for your CS:GO account, there are some CS:GO gambling sites, which don’t take a deposit, allowing you to effectively make money out of nothing. Of course, like with any gambling, even with CS:GO gambling you can never tell how much you’re going to make or lose. However, you can try betting some of your skins on professional CS:GO matches and try turning them into profit.

  1. CashYea

CashYea is a service that launched not too long ago, but if you’re looking to make quick money on the side, you can easily make the required $15 and enjoy your prime CSGO account. CashYea is another service, which offers its users points for completing different tasks. These tasks often include things such as surveys, watching videos, or in some cases playing mobile games. After you amass enough points, you can receive a payout in different forms. CashYea offers its users payouts in bank transfers, PayPal funds, or even crypto, meaning that with little effort you can join the prime status users in matchmaking.

To Conclude

Many players were lamenting the introduction of Prime accounts. On one hand, many players don’t feel comfortable connecting their phone numbers with their CSGO accounts. On the other hand, not being able to quickly create a CSGO smurf account has made matchmaking much more fair, kicking out the smurfs to the free-to-play pool. Still, if you don’t want to buy CSGO ranked accounts, there are multiple methods to get your game accounts to prime status.

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