CSGO items such as weapon skins, gloves or stickers play a very important role in the game, even if they are only cosmetic. Many of those items are worth a lot of money, sometimes even thousands of dollars. The skin economy and relevant services are a key element of the CS:GO community, and are often the reason why some people play the game in the first place.

If you have been collecting CSGO skins for some time now, chances are you might have some valuable items in your Steam inventory. Its good to know, if you have anything valuable, since otherwise you might accidentally sell CSGO skins you want to keep. That is why it’s good to know how to check your Steam inventory value.

How To Check Your Steam Inventory Value In 3 Quick Steps

Calculating your Steam inventory value is actually quite an easy and simple process. However, before you try to check the inventory value, you have to take couple of easy steps.

  1. Make Your Steam Inventory Public

In order to calculate your Steam inventory value, you will have to use a third-party website which has access to all the prices and can quickly sum up how much your skins are worth. In order to do this, it has to be able to access your Steam inventory. In order to do this, you have to enable couple of options:

  1. Open your Steam client
  2. Go to the upper right corner with your username
  3. Click on it and go to your profile, then click edit profile
  4. Go to privacy settings
  5. Toggle your Steam inventory to be public

If you followed all of these steps correctly, your Steam inventory should be public and accessible to third-party websites as well as other players.

  1. Find Your Steam Profile Url

The next step is to find your unique profile URL. You need this address for the third-party websites. This way they’ll be able to find you and calculate your inventory.

  1. Again, go to your Steam profile
  2. Click edit profile and then go to the general tab
  3. Find and copy your custom URL

That’s it. You should now have a public Steam inventory and an access to your unique Steam profile URL. With these you are now able to use tird-party websites to calculate your Steam inventory value.

  1. Find A Site Which Can Calculate Your Steam Inventory Value

All of the previous steps were meant to make your profile public and let you connect with services which calculate your Steam inventory value.

Sharing information such as your Steam profile URL is perfectly safe. You don’t provide these sites with any additional information which might be used to access your account. The websites will only be provided with the data regarding skins in your inventory.

The key to efficiently calculating your Steam inventory value is to choose a proper website. Some of the most popular choices among CS:GO players include:

  • CSGOBackpack
  • SteamDB
  • Csgotrader.app

These websites give you generally a good idea of how much your skins will be worth on the steam market. Although they are a reliable tool, remember, that the prices can vary when you’re selling items to a third-party trading site.

In Conclusion

Its always good to know how much your Steam inventory is worth. If you don’t know, go on, chances are you might be sitting on a small fortune, without realizing it.

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