Counter Strike Global Offensive is popular for its skins economy, where the weapon skins can cost astronomical prices. The coolest skins are often thought to be expensive, which is the case for rare classics such as the AWP Dragon Lore. However, if you want some good looking cheap skins, you are also in luck.

There is a large amount of great looking CSGO skins worth less than half a dollar. If you know where to search, you can easily get cheap CS skins that don’t look worse than what you would get for hundreds of dollars.

Here are the 10 Best cheapest skins in CSGO that you can buy for $0.50.

  1. AK-47 | Uncharted (Battle-Scarred)

Opening the list is a skin for one of the most popular guns in CSGO, the AK-47 Uncharted. Its difficult to find cheap CSGO skins for the guns like AK-47 or M4A4, since most players want to get their hands on them. Thankfully, there;s a number of cheap skins available for the AK-47, and Uncharted is one of them. This skin will give your gun a tribal look, with wood carvings giving it a nice and simple look that can still stand out in a match. You can get the Battle-Scarred version of this skin for $0.45.

  1. Desert Eagle | Oxide Blaze (Factory New)

The Oxide Blaze is one of the more classic cheap skins in CSGO. This cool skin adds a dash of flames to the classic Desert Eagle, as well as a set of tally marks for kills, 5 marks for the entire opposing team. Although this might look like a budget version of the popular Blaze skin for the Desert Eagle, Oxide Blaze remains one of the best cheap CS GO skins you can get on the Steam community market, with Factory New condition skins available at $0.44.

  1. AWP | Capillary (Minimal Wear)

The problem with AWP skins is the same as with other popular guns – they are always in high demand. Thankfully, there is a number of cheap CSGO skins for the AWP available on the market. The Capillary skin might have a simple design, but it’s toned color pattern looks great in-game and the Minimal Wear condition skin can be bought on the market for $0.45.

  1. Galil AR | Rocket Pop (Well Worn)

Galil AR is a gun that many players love for its price-to-power ratio. It can work wonders if you’re on the terrorist team and need a gun that can help you take out the opposing team while being behind on cash. The Rocket Pop is one of the cheap skins which also looks great, giving your Galil AR a complete makeover. This bright-colored skin can be bought for $0.37 in the Well Worn quality.

  1. Five-SeveN |Violent Daimyo (Factory New)

Five-SeveN is a popular choice for eco rounds on the CT team, providing significant firepower without straining your pockets. Thankfully, you can get amazing-looking cheap skin for this gun as well. The Violent Daimyo comes in a purple color with gray shades and Japanese-style decals on the barrel. Best part? This skin can be bought in the Factory New condition for $.020.

  1. Glock-18 | Bunsen Burner (Minimal Wear)

Weapon skins for the starting pistols are often expensive since these are the guns you’re going to see the most in every match. However, there are a number of affordable weapon skins for both starting pistols, and Bunsen Burner is one of them. This skin adds a blue flame to your Glock-18 and with the Bunsen Burner in your inventory, you can play every pistol round with style. A Minimal Wear condition Bunsen Burner will put you behind $0.22.

  1. P2000 | Ivory (Factory New)

The P2000 is an alternative CT starting pistol and although its a less popular choice than the USP-S, it still has a number of good looking cheap CS:GO skins. Ivory is one of them, making your P2000 look like it has luxurious ivory parts. You can get a Factory New condition Ivory skin for $0.37 on the Steam market.

  1. MP7 | Cirrus (Minimal Wear)

MP7 is often picked during the eco rounds, and the gun’s spray pattern works great in small corridors, allowing you to make headshots quite easily. It also has a large number of different skins, with many of them on the expensive side and often worth over a hundred dollars on the Steam community marketplace. The Cirrus skin, however, looks absolutely stunning for the low price that you pay. You can purchase this weapon skin for $0.30 in its Minimal Wear condition.

  1. SSG 08 | Abyss (Field Tested)

Many players are surprised when they see the price of this SSG 08 skin. Although the SSG 08, also referred to as simply scout, is not as popular as its big brother AWP, many players still enjoy taking headshots with this sniper rifle. The Abyss is easily one of the most impressive looking cheap CS:GO skins with its dark blue oceanic paint job. You can buy the Field Tested version of this skin for $0.30.

  1. PP Bizon | Candy Apple (Factory New)

To finish off the list comes a skin for the popular eco round choice for the CT team, PP Bizon. Although it might not look impressive on pictures, the Candy Apple solid red paint has a slight matte finish and looks great in-game. You can also get this weapon skin for $0.18 in its Factory New condition, making this also the cheapest skin on this list.

In Conclusion

You don’t need to spend extravagant amounts of money to get good-looking skins in CSGO. As you can see, there are a lot of great skins for less than $0.50. If you are planning to sell CSGO skins, head over to Skinomat, where you can always get the best deals possible and instant payout in cash.

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