CSGO Jump Throw Bind: How To Throw Long Range Granades Like A Pro

Smokes and molotovs are some of the most important parts of the game, especially at higher ranks. Well placed smoke grenades or a perfectly thrown flashbang can make a world of difference in an online match. Throwing a granade mid-jump will make you throw further and let you reach places, which you ... Read More

10 Best CSGO Case To Open 2023

Opening CS GO weapon case is almost always a gamble. Sometimes a case contains skins that are worth almost nothing, but at the same time some items that can be worth a small fortune. CSGO cases are the main source of weapon skins in the game, so if you want to build ... Read More

CSGO Inventory Value: What Is It And How To Calculate It

CSGO items such as weapon skins, gloves or stickers play a very important role in the game, even if they are only cosmetic. Many of those items are worth a lot of money, sometimes even thousands of dollars. The skin economy and relevant services are a key element of the CS:GO community, ... Read More

How To Get CS Prime For Free 2023

For a long time CS2 has been struggling with smurf accounts. This is a type of CS2 account, that more experienced gamers used to play in the lower ranks, which allowed them to easily dominate the enemy team and have easy matches. Smurfing was generally looked down upon by the community and ... Read More

CSGO Autoexec Guide: Everything You Need To Know

CS:GO has many advanced features, that many players aren’t aware of, even after playing the game for years. A lot of them, such as radar or viewmodel settings, are enabled via CSGO console commands. Sadly, you will need to enter these commands every time you’d start CSGO, which can be a bit ... Read More

How To Use The CSGO Tradeup Calculator

Many players will agree that weapon skins are one of the most important parts of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game has an entire economy devoted to this aspect, with the most expensive CSGO skins being worth thousands of dollars. Many players would want to get the perfect weapon skin for their ... Read More

Most Expensive TF2 Hats

When it comes to the world of Team Fortress 2 (TF2), one of the most captivating aspects of the game are the enormous ranges of cosmetic items to collect. From hats to weapons, there are endless items to collect and wear to impress your fellow gamers. They’re not just for show either ... Read More

Most Useful CSGO Console Commands 2023

CSGO offers players a number of different options to modify their gameplay. The default settings are generally enough for most CSGO players, with some small tweaks to graphics or mouse sensitivity. However, the game actually hides a large number of advanced options, which can only be accessed through developer console commands. Console ... Read More