There’s no doubt about it, Team Fortress 2 (TF2) is one of the most engaging multiplayer online games available today. As one of Valve Corporation’s standout hits, the game is packed full of awesome weapons, attracting thousands of players worldwide. Among these characters is the Gunslinger, an exceptional TF2 piece that takes your gaming experience to an extraordinary level. If you have always wanted to try the Gunslinger, but didn’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! In this article we’ll go over a comprehensive guide on how to use the Gunslinger in TF2.

Understanding the Gunslinger in TF2

The Gunslinger is an unlockable melee weapon for the Engineer, a character known for his skill in building and maintaining buildings that provide support to his team. With the Gunslinger equipped, your normal sentry gun is replaced with a Mini-Sentry, which has smaller firepower, but requires fewer resources and can be built in a matter of seconds. These smaller guns are quicker to deploy, are cheaper to construct, and can be placed in sneaky places, which can catch enemies off guard.

Becoming a Pro Gunslinger User

1. Embrace Mobility

The Gunslinger is designed for a more mobile Engineer. With this piece equipped, you shouldn’t stick around one area for too long. Capitalize on the Mini-Sentry Gun’s quick build times to constantly change your position on the battlefield. This constant movement can outwit your opponents and keep them guessing about your whereabouts and strategy.

2. Master The Art of Distraction

One strategy for using the Gunslinger effectively is creating diversions. Trigger an attack by building a Mini-Sentry and allow it to fire a few rounds. While the opponents are focusing on destroying it, you can build another in a different location or attack them directly. The key is to keep the enemy engaged and distracted while you employ your strategy.

3. Use It for Area Denial

Mini-Sentries can be a major nuisance for the enemy team, especially when placed in strategic locations that cut off routes, deny areas, or protect objectives. Although they don’t have as much firepower or health as a regular sentry, their lower resource cost and quicker build time make them perfect for denying the enemy some areas of the map.

4. Take Advantage of Quick Build

Rapid sentry deployment is one of the Gunslinger’s best abilities. It takes an Engineer a mere 2.5 seconds to build a Mini-Sentry Gun. Therefore, in instances such as clutching a point or last-minute defense, the fast build time could be the difference between victory and defeat. Quick builds also allow you to easily replace destroyed sentries and quickly adapt to changing battlefield conditions.

5. Protect Your Team

The Gunslinger/Engineer combo isn’t just about offense. Remember to consider your team as well. The Gunslinger’s third consecutive punch always results in a critical hit, which can devastate any aggressive enemy advancing on your teammates.

Wrapping Up

To be a successful Gunslinger in TF2, you need to master the balance between offense and defense. Whether you’re using your Mini-Sentry Gun to create a distraction, denying area access to the enemy, or being a last-minute savior with your quick build time, the Gunslinger can be a dynamic part of your arsenal when used effectively. Want to get a Gunslinger of your own, but don’t have the money? Check out Skinomat, where you can sell TF2 items you don’t need for an instant payout.

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