Team Fortress or commonly known as TF2 is a renowned multiplayer game displaying an array of strategic gameplay. One distinct part of this game is the melee weapons at the disposal of characters for close-combat scenarios. Each of these melee weapons is unique in its way, offering interesting abilities. Because of this, players who buy TF2 items often purchase melee weapons, besides hats. Let’s see through some of the best melee weapons in TF2.

What Is A TF2 Melee Weapon?

Generally, melee weapons are the emergency last resort for players, and each type offers distinct strengths and active game-play benefits. Some melee weapons in TF2 have additional abilities that can be triggered when attacked or after landing successful hits. For example, the Eyelander, a powerful sword for the Demoman, allows the player to collect heads from fallen enemies, increasing their health and speed. This promotes a risk-reward playstyle, where players can become more formidable as they amass more heads. It’s worth noting that certain melee weapons can be used by multiple TF2 classes, providing versatility and added strategic options. While Spy players can perform backstabs for instant kills, Sniper players can use the Knife as a close-quarters self-defense tool when caught off-guard. Most melee weapons are very cheap, though, and players who sell TF2 items often demand very low prices for the standard versions of the guns. TF2 offers a vast selection of melee weapons, each with its own purpose and playstyle. From powerful swords to boxing gloves and even a harmless-looking fish, these weapons provide close-quarters solutions and can help you get out of tight spots. Whether you prefer the stealthy backstabs of the Spy or the brute force of the Heavy, there is a melee weapon to suit every playstyle and add a satisfying punch to your gameplay. Here are the TF2 best melee weapons currently available in the game.


The Ubersaw is widely hailed as one of the top choices when it comes to melee weapons for the Medic. This remarkable melee weapon allows players in the Medic class to gain a remarkable 25% increase in their ÜberCharge for every successful swing at an enemy. This can prove to be a game-changing advantage during crucial moments in the game. With the ability to quickly accumulate ÜberCharge with each hit, Medics wielding the Ubersaw have the power to turn the tide in their team’s favor, providing a valuable asset in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Golden Frying Pan

The Golden Frying Pan is one of the most expensive items in TF2, and is coveted by every player in the game. This awesome secondary weapon can be wielded by almost any class in the game and is created out of the signature Mann Co. mineral, the Australium. It’s not just a simple gold frying pan, any player killed with the Golden Frying Pan will be turned into an Australium statue. Almost every player in the game wishes they could pick this weapon up, but few can afford the exuberant price.

The Sandman

The Sandman grants Scouts the ability to immobilize enemies with a well-timed ball, turning the match. By freezing opponents, it gives the Scout class an advantage in battle. It can shift the tide of the game, allowing the Scout to control the field and secure victory for their team. This powerful weapon is coveted and can drastically change the outcome of a match. It disrupts enemy movements and reshapes encounters. In the hands of a skilled Scout, the Sandman becomes essential for dominating the battlefield. Because of this, it’s one of the most popular Scout weapons in the game.

Boston Basher

The Boston Basher is a Scout melee weapon that inflicts self-damage when missed but offers a bleeding effect, making it a strategic choice for intelligent players. Its unique features attract gamers seeking to gain advantages in combat through calculated strikes. The weapon’s self-inflicted damage serves as a deterrent to reckless usage, promoting thoughtful decision-making. The bleeding effect amplifies the power of the Boston Basher, allowing you to turn the tides of battle with a single, well-placed strike.


The Homewrecker, a defensive melee weapon designed for the Pyro class, is renowned for its ability to remove enemy Sappers from friendly buildings with just one swift strike. This unique feature of the Homewrecker plays a crucial role in enabling significant defense during the game. By swiftly eliminating these destructive devices, the Pyro armed with the Homewrecker greatly enhances the team’s defensive strategies and ensures the safety of their sentries and dispensers. With its reliable and efficient Sapper removal capability, the Homewrecker becomes a highly valuable asset for the Pyro class, providing a substantial advantage in the defense of their team’s resources.

Scotsman’s Skullcutter

The Scotsman’s Skullcutter is a melee weapon for the Demoman class, known for its high damage output despite compromising movement speed. This powerful weapon stands out for its exceptional critical hit capacity and wider attack range, making it a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. Skilled players can swiftly eliminate targets and turn the tide of gameplay, prioritizing high-value enemies. Despite the trade-off in movement speed, the Scotsman’s Skullcutter remains a valuable addition to any Demoman’s arsenal due to its devastating damage potential.

The Disciplinary Action

The Disciplinary Action, designed exclusively for soldiers, is a remarkable melee weapon that bestows a distinct advantage on the battlefield. With its high-speed boosts, this weapon enables swift location switching during matches, granting soldiers mobility and strategic flexibility. With the propulsion system, soldiers can swiftly move across the battlefield, closing gaps and evading enemy fire with ease. The Disciplinary Action expands Soldier gameplay, offering a game-changing edge that can swiftly turn the tide of any encounter and making the Soldier even more mobile.


The Powerjack stands as a distinguished weapon tailored exclusively for the pyro class, recognized for its exceptional capacity to grant substantial health boosts following every triumphant kill. Empowering its wielder with an impressive 75 health increase per successful takedown, this formidable tool possesses the unwavering potential to completely revolutionize the outcome of intense combat scenarios and provide swift and seamless escapes in dire situations. Its unique abilities lend the pyro class a remarkable advantage, bolstering their resilience and offering a much-needed edge in the heat of battle, thus solidifying the Powerjack’s status as a game-changing asset.

In Conclusion

From seasoned players to new entrants, understanding the best TF2 melee weapons can significantly uplift your gaming experience and strategic gameplay. Whether in offense or defense, switching to the right weapon at the right time often holds the key to victory! Remember that if you ever want to trade TF2 items for the best prices, you can always do so at OPmarket!

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