One of the top first-person shooter games worldwide, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) has captivated the attention of millions of gaming fans because of its thrilling gameplay and visually appealing designed skins. In the broad universe of CSGO skins, one that notably stands out is a full auto assault rifle skin, the M4A4 Howl. This article will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the infamous CSGO Howl M4A4, and we will delve into its history, design, rarity, and the controversy that surrounds it.

CSGO Howl M4A4: A Brief Background

The Howl M4A4 skin is one of the most coveted and renowned skins in the field of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It was initially part of the Huntsman Weapon Case collection and was released in May 2014 as a part of Operation Huntsman in the patch ‘The Hunt Begins’. The Howl finish for M4A4, with its unique appearance featuring a custom paint job of a snarling wolf and rarity, swiftly became a standout in the community.

However, its existence in the CSGO world was promptly embroiled in controversy. The original creators of the Howl Skin were found guilty of copyright infringement. Valve, the company that runs CSGO, was ultimately compelled to redesign the skin and reclassify it from a Covert skin to an exceedingly rare Contraband skin.

Shining Light on the Design

The initial M4A4 Howl skin was designed by Auzzii and sic, featuring a striking wolf motif on a background of flames, resembling the ferocity of a wild beast. However, due to the copyright infringement controversy, Valve had to redesign it, although it still retained the initial concept and image of a blazing wolf. The fiery beast on the gun merges perfectly with the stunning red and orange hues of the skin, making your M4A4 look menacing and intimidating. Truly, the M4A4 Howl skin is a masterpiece in the CSGO skins universe.

Understanding the Rarity of CSGO Howl M4A4

The Howl M4A4 is classified under the Contraband rarity level, and this change is a direct result of the copyright controversy. Contraband items in CSGO are items that have been removed from their original case and are not obtainable except by trading or the Steam Community Market. This change has made the Howl skin one of the rarest items in the CSGO universe, with an extremely high value attached to it. Even the minimal wear versions of M4A4 Howl finish style cost insane amounts of money.

The Howl M4A4, after being pushed up to Contraband rarity, can no longer be dropped in-game or be obtained from unboxing regular cases. Therefore, the only way to obtain this custom painted unique skin is through CSGO’s Steam Market or through trading with other players. As a result of all these factors, the skin’s value has skyrocketed, and it’s considered a prized possession among the CSGO community.

The Impact of CSGO Howl M4A4 In-Game and In the Market

Howl M4A4 does not offer any tactical advantage in the game; like every other skin, it is purely cosmetic. Nevertheless, it contributes significantly to the in-game economy as it is constantly in high demand due to its rarity. For many CSGO players, collecting skins is a big part of the appeal, as it allows them to customize their gameplay look and showcase their collection to others. Howl M4A4, as one of the most expensive CSGO skins available, is highly sought after and adds an exclusive aesthetic to the game, making it an attractive component of any player’s skin inventory. A Factory New Stattrak version of M4A4 Howl is so expensive, that the collectors don’t even have a fixed price for it.

In Conclusion

The Howl M4A4 in CSGO is not just a skin; it’s a piece of the game’s history and a testament to the community-driven economy. Its stunning design and, unmatched rarity, and controversial background make it a fascinating topic among gamers. Owning one is considered a notable achievement due to its prestigious status in the CSGO skin market. Higher float value versions of this skin are some of the most expensive items in the game.

Although the Howl M4A4’s reign might be shadowed by controversy, it has undeniably left a significant imprint in the CSGO world. For many, this sought-after skin is more than just a virtual cosmetic addition; it’s an integral part of the entire CSGO community. If you happen to own one of these legendary skins and want to quickly make some money, visit Skinomat, where you can sell CSGO skins for the best prices, anytime, anywhere!

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