Rust is one of the most popular games, allowing players to try and survive against one another on a post-apocalyptic island. The game allows players to build their bases from scratch, fight off against neutral mobs, and even raid other players in-game!

Rust is also one of the games featuring an extensive integration of the Steam market, where players can buy and sell Rust skins for real money. Rust items can often be expensive, and players who sell game items can sometimes sell the most expensive Rust skins for over $100!

However, for those interested in buying Rust skins we have some good news – there’s a wide selection of cheap Rust skins for you to choose from! You don’t have to spend a fortune to have your base or Rust character look awesome in-game. Here at Skinomat, we present our best selection of cheap Rust skins currently available in the game.

Are There Cheap Rust Skins In The Game?

If you’ve heard about the Steam marketplace, you probably also know all the stories about gamers who buy Rust skins for large prices, but buying Skins for Rust doesn’t have to be an investment worth thousands of dollars. The game features many cheap skins that you can add to your Steam account in order to give your character a unique look in-game. You can even get free Rust skins by playing the game, so getting your own collection of skins is quite easy.

Also, when buying Rust skins, be sure to use a special Rust skin site, or a Steam trading site to get the best deals. This way you can buy skins while avoiding unnecessary fees and extra payments.

What Are The Best Cheap Skins In Rust?

If you want to buy Rust items but don’t have a ton of money to spend on the Rust item shop, you’re in luck! Here are some of the cheapest skins we have found for the game, that will still let you look cool when facing other players!

Zap Slasher

The salvaged sword is one of the most popular melee weapons in the game, mainly thanks to its insane power when fighting up close. A single, well-aimed hit can take out almost any opponent in the game, so if you happen to find a salvaged sword early on, it will greatly improve your odds of survival against mobs and other players. If you want to slash and stab in style, you’ll be happy to learn, that the game features an awesome-looking cheap skin for the salvaged sword, the Zap Slasher. This skin turns your standard sword into a toy, reflecting a superhero aesthetic and making you look like a character straight out of some sci-fi setting. Sure, it will make your salvaged sword look like a toy, but killing enemies in Rust with literal toys is a pretty big statement in itself. The Zap Slasher is currently available to purchase on the Steam market for around $2.40

Lost Treasure Rock

Rock skins are a controversial thing in the Rust community, since pimping out a literal rock might be the definition of going over the top. While some consider it a pinnacle of Rust comedy, other gamers will tell you that it’s definitely going too far. Still, if you want to have your Rust early game in style, the lost treasure rock is just one example of how to pimp out your early-game loadout. This skin transforms your usual rock into a refined piece of jewelry, with gold and diamond sticking out. If this sounds like the best Rust skin for you, you can get it for a low price of $1.43.

Rotten Scalp

For the fans of all things horror, this Rust headpiece will give you a spooky appearance and is just what you need, if you’re going for a homicidal maniac look. The name of this item is quite self-explanatory, it’s just a rotten scalp, stripped off of some dying corpse. You can’t really find a better head-slot item if you’re looking for something really scary. Rotten Scalp is a great choice if you’re trying to build a Halloween-themed loadout that will spook out other gamers. You can buy this cheap Rust skin for as low as $1.45.

Frost Wolf

AK-47 skins in Rust are very popular, and pretty much all Rust players want to add some unique character to this powerful rifle when they use it. The assault rifle is also one of the most powerful guns in the game, and because of this, it’s very popular among Rust players, meaning that most AK-47 Rust skins can get quite expensive. However, if you lack the financial resources, yet like most users wish you had your own AK-47 skin in Rust, then Frost Wolf will be a great choice. This arctic-themed Rust skin will give your Assault Rifle a polar camo and can be bought for around $3.

Rainbow Pony Hatchet

Our last skin on this list is a great choice for anyone who is into more wacky, comedic looks. Rainbow Pony Hatchet is definitely a great choice if you want other gamers to pay attention to you in-game. This cheap Rust skin covers your standard hatchet with a colorful drawing of a pink pony with a rainbow mane puking rainbows (yes, you’ve read that right). If you’re searching for a Rust skin that is just completely over the top, Rainbow Pony Hatchet is a must-have. It can let you both cut down trees and the opposition in style. If this sounds like something for you, this skin is available for around $2.68.

Summing Up

As you probably know, there’s a large selection available for anyone who’s looking to outfit themselves with awesome Rust skins. Some of them can also combine great looks with a cheap price. If you ever find yourself lacking the necessary funds, be sure to check out Skinomat, where you can quickly sell Rust skins and receive and instant payout!

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