Team Fortress 2 was one of the very first Valve games to introduce features such as trading, crafting, or Steam inventory. It was also one of the first online games to include lootboxes in the form of Mann Co supply crates. Like in many other games, in order to open mann co crates, you need to have a supply crate key that will fit your crate.

Over time, mann co supply crate keys have become one of the more important items in Team Fortress 2, often being used together with Refined Metal in order to measure an item’s price. Team Fortress 2 keys play an important role in the economy, and key prices can even affect your TF2 trading. That is why in order to make the most out of your TF2 trades, you have to learn about Mann Co crate keys. Here’s everything you should know about Team Fortress 2 keys and how to get them for best prices!

What Are Supply Crate Keys?

Like many other online games, Team Fortress 2 also features lootboxes, which hold random items and can be opened with supply crate keys. There are different supply crate keys for different crates, and some event supply crates might require you to get your hands on some special supply crate key.

Supply crate keys are very easy to use, and if you have a crate key together with an appropriate lootbox, all you have to do is go to your inventory, right click on it and select ‘Use with…’ and click on the appropriate mann co supply crate. After couple of seconds your supply crate key will be consumed together with the supply crate, giving you one of the items that are included inside the crate.

It’s impossible to predict what type of item you’ll get out of a crate, which makes opening Mann Co supply crates a risky endeavor. You could open rare items worth much mote that the supply crate key price, or something cheap that will put you behind in your investments. Because of this, supply crate keys are often used in virtual trading in the game. You can sell Mann Co supply crate keys for items or real cash, often giving you more money than opening different supply crates. Although the key price fluctuates, the changes on Steam market aren’t too severe, making TF2 keys a good investment when it comes to virtual items.

How To Get Supply Crate Keys?

Supply crate keys play an important role in the game economy, and there are a couple of different methods you can use to obtain supply crate keys:

Mann Co Store

If you’re looking for a supply crate key, Mann Co store will be the quickest way to obtain it. Supply crate keys cost $2.49 in the Mann Co store, and can be bought at any time by going to the in-game store. Although it’s more expensive than online markets or trading with items, Mann Co store lets you instantly purchase the keys you need, for a stable price. You can purchase regular keys, as well as keys for any event crates. Also, one important feature of the Mann Co store is that you can pay with your Steam wallet funds, allowing you to buy supply crate keys without cashing out your Steam wallet.

Team Fortress 2 Trading

One way to obtain supply crate keys without even using your credit card is simply trading for them with other players. You can even use your free Team Fortress 2 items to get supply crate keys without paying anything. Keys are the primary currency for TF2 trading, right next to refined metal, which means that there is a constant supply of crate keys on the virtual markets. Method traders often have a vast number of crate keys in their inventory, that they later use for trading with other players. If you’ve got any items you don’t need, and an unopened crate in your inventory, this is a great way to get new hats and weapons without spending money.

Virtual Markets

If you think about purchasing any TF2 items, including crate keys, you should first check them out at some of the virtual markets available. This way you can almost always get lower prices then when you purchase keys in the in-game store. Steam includes it’s own, integrated trading feature called the community market, where you can buy and sell TF2 items very easy. However, you can almost always get lower prices on other sites. Steam community market charges players for every transaction they make, by taking a cut of the final prices. This cut, in turn, is most often shifted to the players, meaning that the final price of the item they wanted will sadly almost always be higher than other shops prices. If you want to buy TF2 keys on online markets, first be sure to look for the best website and find the cheapest supplier you can.

In Conclusion

Team Fortress 2 keys play an important role in the Steam economy, so you can bet that they are always in demand. If you want more guides about your favorite online games, be sure to check out the rest of our blog, where we regularly post more tips, tricks and guides for Team Fortress 2!

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