Rust is one of the most popular online games on Steam, where players try to survive on a post-apocalyptic island by working together or fighting against other players. Rust players have to gather resources, craft tools, weapons, and armor, and even build their base from scratch.

While players can craft and build their own items in Rust, the game also features a number of many different cosmetic skins. Players can modify their weapons, armor, and even individual pieces of their base or furniture.

With so many different customization options, Rust skins play an important role in the game’s economy. While players can purchase Rust skins from the Steam community market or other websites, there are many ways that players can actually obtain free Rust skins, without paying a single cent. Here’s all you need to know about how to get free skins in Rust.

Can You Really Get Free Rust Skins?

Although this might sound like a typical scam, free Rust skins are absolutely legit. In fact, there are many different ways that Rust players can obtain free skins for their Steam account. Although players in the Rust community are often willing to spend quite a lot of money on their favorite skins, you don’t have to buy skins in order to get a great look.

The free Rust skins received with any of the methods on this list are perfectly legitimate, which means that they can be used in-game, traded, and sold just like any Rust skins you would obtain by paying. This means that free Rust skins can even be a source of some extra money, if you know how to trade Rust skins effectively.

Earn Free Rust Skins

As you can see, free Rust skins are perfectly legitimate, and there are in fact many different ways you can obtain them yourself. Here are some of the easiest ways to get new free Rust skins for your inventory:

Playing The Game

One of the easiest ways to get your own Rust skin for free, is to simply play the game. Like many other Steam games that future cosmetic items, players can obtain new Rust item skins by simply playing the game. You can get free Rust skins for playing on official Rust servers, as well as custom ones.

There’s a lot of discussion regarding how much time do you need to spend in the game in order to receive free Rust skins with this method. Many players claim that you should get one free Rust skin between 12 and 24 hours of playtime since your last skin drops. Although this number was never officially released, it’s definitely true that you can receive free Rust skins for simply playing the game. The rarity of the skin drops you receive this way is entirely random, and while you will mostly get common skins, you have a chance to obtain rare Rust skins for free.

Reclaim Rust Skins

Like many other Steam games that feature cosmetic items, Rust allows you to craft free Rust skins by scrapping item skins from your inventory. Although this isn’t necessarily free, as it requires you to give up Rust skins you already own, you can turn free Rust skins received for playing the game into rarer, more valuable ones.

When you go into your in-game inventory, you will be able to break down different Rust skins you own into base materials, such as cloth, wood or metal. Once you have these materials, you can use them to craft skin crates, which contain one cosmetic item inside. Currently, players are able to craft four different skin crates in game:

  • Low-Quality Bag – 10 Wood
  • High-Quality Crate – 10 Wood and 5 Cloth
  • High-Quality Bag – 70 Cloth, 5 Wood, and 1 Metal to create
  • Weapon Barrel – 10 Metal, 5 Wood, and 5 Cloth

The more difficult a crate is to craft, the rarer and more valuable skins you can receive from it. While the skin drops you receive this way are completely random, it’s still a great method if you have skins to spare in your inventory.

Twitch Drops

Rust players can actually get free Rust skins by simply watching their favorite streamers on Twitch. Facepunch regularly holds Twitch drop events with some of the biggest Rust streamers in the game. During these events any Rust player can obtain free Rust skins by simply watching their favorite content creators stream their game.

Getting free Rust skins this way is very easy, but to do it you must first have Twitch drops enabled for your account. in order to do this:

  1. Go to the Facepunch Twitch drops website
  2. Link your Twitch account with your Steam ID
  3. Activate Twitch drops for your account

You should now have Twitch drops enabled for your linked accounts. This means that if you watch any of the streamers who participate in the Twitch drops promotion, you have a chance to obtain free Rust skins. When you obtain free items this way, they will be added to your inventory as soon as you open up the game.

Free Rust Skins Giveaways

Perhaps the easiest method of getting Rust game skins for free is to take part in one of the many skin giveaways that are organized on different Rust fansites or servers. You can earn free Rust skins this way, without having to put in any effort. All you need to do to earn free Skins is to simply enter the appropriate giveaway, and you have a chance of expanding your inventory with free skins.

If you want to earn Rust skins from giveaways, you should follow Rust community channels on different social media. Some of the biggest Rust fansites hold regular giveaways as a way to promote their content. Some community servers also offer free Rust skins to their players, so keep a lookout on any information regarding free Rust skins giveaways.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many ways to obtain Rust skins completely free. Free Rust skins can even be a great way of making money, since you can sell them for some cash. If you want to turn your free Rust skins into an instant payout, check out Skinomat, where you can quickly sell Rust skins from your inventory and receive an instant payout of funds!

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