Smokes and molotovs are some of the most important parts of the game, especially at higher ranks. Well placed smoke grenades or a perfectly thrown flashbang can make a world of difference in an online match.

Throwing a granade mid-jump will make you throw further and let you reach places, which you normally couldn’t. While perfecting this skill will definitely make you a better player, almost all pro players use a jump throw bind. Here is how to use this feature to improve your CSGO gameplay.

What Is A Jump Throw Bind?

CSGO allows players to create many different custom keybinds, each serving a different purpose. Players can combine various actions and bind them to a single button, allowing for a more efficient command of their game.

In the case of a jump throw binds, players create a keybind that allows them to jump and throw a grenade at the same time. While this might not seem like such a big deal, it actually improves your grenade throws by a large margin, always giving you the same outcome when you use smokes or molotovs when jumping. With a jump throw bind you no longer have to worry about letting your granade go at the perfect moment.

Can I Get Banned For Using A Jump Throw Bind?

Nope, jump throw bind is set up using the game console commands, you’re not modifying the game files in any way that could get you banned from the game. Players in many pro tournaments use the jump-throw binds to give themselves a significant edge over their opponents. Using binds in Counter Strike Global Offensive is not cheating. It also won’t magically make you a better CSGO player, but being able to perform multiple actions with a single button press will definitely help you go up in CS GO ranks.

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How To Set Up Jump Throw Bind?

As many other binds in CSGO, jump throw bind is normally set up using the console commands. However, if you want to use this method, you will have to type in the commands every time you started the game. Instead, you can use a much more efficient method – the autoexec config file.

When you have an autoexec file in your CSGO folder, the game will simply execute commands written in that file at every startup. This way you won’t have to remember to always type in the commands, every time you start the game.

Go to your autoexec config file in the installation folder and add the following line:

alias “+jumpthrow” “+jump;-attack;-attack2” alias “-jumpthrow” “-jump” bind “KEY” “+jumpthrow”

Where “KEY” you can insert your own button that you want to use. Most pro players choose to bind alt key for their jump throw, but you can try and experiment with what works best for you.

When you start up Counter Strike Global Offensive next time, the autoexec file should automatically execute the commands you put inside.

How To Use The Jump Throw Bind?

A short explanation of the autoexec file contents – the command creates a keybind, which will make your character jump, while at the same time releasing both attack buttons (left and right mouse buttons). When you have the jump throw bind enabled, your character will always let go of the attack buttons at the same time, making your grenade throws much more consistent and allowing you to aim them easier.

When you set up the autoexec file properly, you should be able to perform jump throw bind at three different ranges possible:

  • Normal range jump throw – Hold down left mouse button, click the bind.
  • Short range jump throw – Hold down right mouse button, click the bind.
  • Medium range jump throw – Hold down both mouse button, click the bind.

You can test different jump throws in practice matches and see how the different ranges work. Also, try to experiment with different possible keybinds. Its good to have the jump throw bind somewhere next to your normal jump button, to make sure you can always reach it whenever you need to jump.

To Sum Up

Jump throw bind is one of these secrets that only more experienced CSGO players know. It is also a feature, that will give you a slight edge over other players. If you want to improve you grenade throws and do better in matches, try adding a jump throw bind to your game today.

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