If you are a CSGO player then you surely know that for some time the Counter Strike: Global Offensive community has been facing the problem of CSGO smurfs and cheaters. Their presence in the game can really spoil people’s fun and the Valve corporation is well aware of this. For this reason, the developer is constantly trying to meet the players’ needs and introduce new changes to improve the quality of their gameplay. Some of them are more effective, and others less so. CSGO Prime Status is one of the many solutions proposed by Valve over the past few years. Read our article and you’ll learn exactly what it is, how it works and whether it is actually worth the price.

What Exactly Is a CSGO Prime Account?

Prime CSGO Account is an in-game feature that grants a player Prime Status. Why would anyone want Prime Status, you might ask.

Well, as we have already mentioned, its introduction was caused mainly by the growing problem of cheaters in the Counter Strike world. Valve Corporation decided to create a system to ensure that people are matched only with genuine and reliable players. Prime Account takes care of that. In addition, it provides users with several other benefits that are capable of making their gaming experience much more enjoyable.

What Are The Benefits of Having a CSGO Prime Status?

The biggest benefit of having a CSGO Prime Status is the assurance that we are going to be matched with reliable players, not cheaters and smurfs. According to the official Steam website, holders of the Prime Status are matched “with and against only other Prime Status users in all game modes.” This feature ensures that their gaming experience is both enjoyable and smooth, rather than completely ruined by hackers.

In addition, players who have added Prime Status to their CSGO accounts can expect:

  • XP points
  • Competitive Skill Groups
  • Weekly item drops

Not to mention the fancy Prime badge!

How Can You Get a CSGO Prime Account?

Currently, the only way to get Prime Status in CSGO is to purchase a CSGO Prime Account upgrade. This can be done either in-game (by clicking on the big “BUY PRIME” button) or in the Steam store. Its current price is $14.99 (or €14.19).

The charge for CSGO Prime Status is a one-time fee.

Is There a Way to Get a CSGO Prime Account For Free?

When the Prime System was first introduced by Valve, there were various ways to add Prime badges to your CSGO account. You didn’t necessarily have to buy them. Instead, Prime accounts could be earned by reaching lvl 21 in the game. Once this was accomplished, Prime Status was automatically added to a player’s account. Unfortunately, as of 2022, this option has been disabled and the only way to get a Prime Account is to purchase one.

However, if you got a Prime account for free before the 2022 update, there is no need to worry. These changes do not affect Prime Statuses that have already been rewarded to players.

Is The CSGO Prime Account Worth It?

As you can guess, the answer to this question is not clear-cut, because… It depends.

If you’re a casual CSGO player and enjoy an occasional match, you probably don’t need a CSGO Prime Account to be happy. The free-to-play version will probably do it for you.

However, if you spend more time in CSGO than the average Joe, Prime Status can make your life much easier. First, it will help you avoid struggling with hackers and CSGO smurf accounts. Second, you’ll have access to all the options that can greatly improve your game. As of 2022, a Prime account is practically indispensable for frequent players, mainly because it’s impossible to earn XP points without it.

No XP points means that you won’t be able to rank up. For people who devote a lot of time to the game, this would be quite a blow. Therefore, for most players, it actually makes sense to buy CSGO Prime Account. It’s a one-time payment that will allow you to unlock many of the game’s beneficial features, plus it ensures that you have fair competition during matches. If you think about how much money you spend on an average console game, paying $15 really for all that doesn’t sound half bad.


CSGO Prime Account is a very useful feature that Valve has introduced to improve players’ lives. If you’re wondering whether CSGO Prime Accounts are worth the $15 investment, then it all depends on how committed you are to Counter Strike: Global Offensive. If you’re a frequent player who is tired of smurfs and cheaters, then Prime Status is exactly what you need.

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